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Published On: August 27, 2019 08:35 AM NPT By: Sujana Aryal

Inevitable fate

Inevitable fate

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We dream of eternity in all glory,

reality is, however, a different story,

we float on the thin line of the in-between,

hiding the impulses, longing for more,

we're locked in the tapestry of time twenty-four.

Seeking to fly all our lives,

dwelling on the what ifs on long gloomy nights,

tempestuous heart that can't hold the ground,

we float on the coastline of hope and doubt,

wavering, all our lives, drifting to survive

truth is, no one can ever win the time.

In the constant battle of our patience lies,

the persistent search of a paradise,

many encounters of trials, ups and downs,

 our finite life keeps piling everything in vain,

one cannot fathom the reason, until when?

Finally, when the form surrenders, energy unleashing,

 our faith might take us there in less suffering,

blurry fragments of consciousness, disappearing by bits,

the cold of the moment, time stands still,

done with the messy paradox, it's time,maybe,

it's time we break free,

leaving our memory trails behind to be,

we vanish into thin air, a constant reality.










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