Published On: August 21, 2019 12:33 PM NPT By: Sangita Shrestha

Indian artist's painting exhibition '29' on display

Indian artist's painting exhibition '29' on display

Horse is one beautiful animal that is sturdy, strong and elegant. The way a horse moves give a sense of freedom, movement and desire to have that similar spirit in us. And in some culture horse also represents power.

And being influenced by above mentioned qualities of a horse, Indian artist Sarfuddinn Ahmed has created a total of 29 paintings for his first solo exhibition '29' using horse as his major motif.

The exhibition kicked off on Sunday at Nepal Art Council, Babermahal. And the artist has created the paintings within 29 days. Therefore, the title of the exhibition is also 29. He has completed Bachelor of Visual Art in Western Style from Calcutta University, India. Currently, he is also a guest lecturer at Dhauli College of Art &Crafts, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India.

About using horse as his major motif, Ahmed shared, “From my childhood days I feel attracted to the horses and their pure strength. Their aim in life is to move on with great speed, no matter how difficult the path is.”

It’s been very long that Ahmed has been painting horse in his canvas where he tries to portray the horses’ unstoppable speed and rhythm. The beauty of horse mane has been exaggerated in his paintings as if they are overcoming darkness with their mane and moving toward the light.

He has used water color, charcoal and acrylic medium to create the paintings in the exhibition.  In one of his paintings, he has created the chariot of Arjun from Mahabharat. Lord Krishna is the charioteer of Arjun’s chariot where five white horses are running in full speed and Arjuna is going to take his arrow for the shoot. He has beautifully presented the tensed scenario in calm manner using soft tone of colors like blue, white, brown and gold.

The exhibition continues till Wednesday.



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