Published On: August 15, 2017 12:46 PM NPT By: Manoj Ghartimagar

Inappropriate Folk Music Videos killing Authenticity

Inappropriate Folk Music Videos killing Authenticity

Nepali folk songs have been a fundamental part of our culture for a long time for they carry hints of our lifestyle, language, rites and traditions. However, folk music is losing its authenticity with growing modernization.

Songwriters don't put as much thought into the lyrics, while singers give their voice to any song regardless of meaningless lyrics. The worst part, meanwhile, are the music videos. Models in the videos of folk songs can be seen donning western and revealing clothes, in contrast to the culture that the songs represent.

The music videos these days focus on pleasure to the eye than the ear. Directors seem to have a mindset that vulgarity is the main determinant of a video’s popularity. "Over the top fashion quotient coupled with producers' nonchalance has contributed to the declining authenticity of folk music," said singer Purshottam Neupane. He added that folk music videos had become obscene.

Director Shiva Bhurtel said, “Music videos these days are targeted to please the eyes, so we try to incorporate some glamour for our audiences. It is true that earlier the songs used to have meaningful lyrics and the videos were made in accordance to the lyrics. But the audiences’ demand has shifted in the recent years.”

Singer and President of Lok Dohori Consortium, Gandaki, Shankar Birahi Gurung, said the singers, directors and models of today don't have proper understanding of folk music, creating the obligation to include glamour so as to make a video popular. He added that media should not support or encourage such obscene music videos because they are not a part of our culture.

“News portals and other forms of media give space to such music videos. It is my appeal to all media houses to not encourage such obscenity in the name of our culture.”

Although prominent folk singers like Ali Miya, Dharmaraj Thapa, Jhalakman Gandharva, Haridevi Koirala and Narayan Raymajhi have kept the authenticity of folk music alive, he younger generation of singers seem indifferent to the degrading quality, said Gurung.

Lyricist Ramesh BG attributed the increasing obscenity in music videos to the lack of a censor board that would help the industry filter creativity. He said, “The lyrics and videos of folk songs have become so vulgar these days that one cannot listen or watch them with family members. We hold no right to take action against such music producers, but the authorities concerned can take appropriate steps.”

BG said indifference on the part of a few profit-oriented producers, lyricists and singers had put the entire folk music industry in peril.


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