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Published On: September 10, 2018 09:11 AM NPT By: US ADHIKARI

In search for a new home

In search for a new home

Nothing lasts forever.  One day everything will eventually crumble down into nothingness. Even that gigantic sun with enormous power will go on to mix with space dust and dirt. Earth is a home for millions and billions of species of animals and plants. Imagine the day when planet earth gets destroyed, all the life it has been carrying for so long will be gone within itself. 

To our known universe, humans are incredibly vulnerable species filled with boundless potentiality. But remember that a single asteroid could hit our planet and wipe away our trace of existence. There are many other causes that could wipe us all out. So, to save humanity, we must spread throughout the distant planets. There is a really big world out there; our planet is just a tiny dust particle floating around the vast cosmos.

Exploration is in our DNA. Two million years ago, our ancestor got themselves out of the cave to spread out across the entire planet. Knowing that we aren’t limited just to a single planet, we have attempted to explore distant planets. We need to explore because we might learn something tomorrow that we don’t know today. Some of the greatest advancement in civilization and technology came because we explored. Who knows what we might accomplish once we start exploring the planets and nearby galaxies.

Elon Musk, CEO of Space-X, announced that he would make the Mars landing possible by 2025, which truly will be one of the biggest steps toward space exploration and the first move in saving humanity. 

Humans should go to Mars because we’re humans. We are an exploring species; it’s what makes us distinct from other species on this planet. Once we have started traveling to different planets, humans will survive no matter what happens to our planet. We will never be the last of our kind, like the dinosaurs.

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