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In acting with a determination

In acting with a determination

KATHMANDU, April 1: Born in a simple family in Morang, 22-year-old Namita Ghising, who is waiting for the release of her movie ‘Damaru Ko Dandibiyo’, is now gradually establishing herself as an artist.

For Ghising, release of the movie will be a big achievement for her acting career as has got an opportunity to work with not only prominent actors of Nepali film industry such as Khagendra Lamichhane, Menuka Pradhan, Buddhi Tamang but also with her mentor Anup Baral who taught her about acting skills.

“I can’t express my feeling. Actually, it’s my great luck and it’s a special feeling to be the part of the movie along with my acting guru- Anup Baral sir at the Actor Studio. I was the 18th batch of the studio where my skills have been polished under the guidance of Anup sir,” Ghising shared. “Moreover, I learnt so many things from the greatest actors of Nepali film industry.”

‘Damaru Ko Dandibiyo’ is not her debut movie. ‘Bom Kaji’, ‘Shirphool’, and ‘Rudane’, are the movies in which Ghinsing has acted but are yet to be released. In Bom Kaji she got chance to play with Saugat Malla and Buddhi Tamang. Apart from her movie career, she started her acting journey from a play called ‘Katha Desh 3’, which was directed by Ashant Sharma, one of her mentors at Actor Studio. Her role as Kulbanti in the play was widely appreciated. As she watched the video afterward, she thought she can play better than that. “It was my first play so it wasn’t the 100 percent that I can give,” she said. 

However, journey of acting was not smooth as she thought. She had to struggle to pursue her acting career. She came to Kathmandu after the completion of her high school to enrolling in Bachelor’s degree. In the beginning, she was staying with maternal uncle who is little bit strict. “He is a retired army so he even didn’t like using nail polish. So getting permission for joining acting class from him was something impossible,” she shared. But I didn’t give up my dream. Soon I moved with my friend then joined course at Actor studio.”

Then, she was trained at Actor Studio without letting her parents know about that. And side by side, she worked as a teacher at Bright Star School, Harrisidhi. She took it as a struggle to establish herself in a career she liked. “I had to attend acting class in the morning time and had to rush to school in the middle of acting class. Because the studio was at Lazimpat and the school where I taught was at Harrisdhi, Lalitpur,” she explained about her struggle. “As I couldn’t continue simultaneously, I quit my teaching job to pursue my acting career.”

Ghising acted in the play ‘Thangla’- the production of the Actor Studio which was directed by Anup Baral. She described his work in ‘Thangla’ was the turning point of her acting career which was appreciated widely. According to her, it was her acting in ‘Thangla’ that opened the doors of movie for her. Immediately after that she was offered a role in the movie ‘Bom Kaji’. “I was in the role of a daughter at the play that was about the polygamy culture of mountain region. And the story of ‘Bom Kaji’ was similar to the play which is also about the story of mountain culture. Then, I was offered a role in that movie,” she shared.

Later she was offered a role in movie ‘Daraurdi Ko Pani’. “Khagendendra Lamichhane was also there at a show of the play and he liked my acting and approached me for that movie,” she said. Ghising had also featured in short movies and web series. ‘Lastai Rag Bho’ was latest web series which was presented by Highlights Entertainment and directed by Rabi Lama. 

Ghising believed movie is a sector where she can fulfill her childhood dream. Since her childhood, she loved dance and singing. “Now, in acting I get so many opportunities which I used to dream to do during my childhood. Also, I loved to travel a lot and during the course of acting, I get chance to travel various places,” said Ghising. 

She was so much fond of watching TV. She used to go to her friend’s house in late evening to watch movies because there was no television set at her home. “My parents had yelled at me so many times while returning home late night,” Ghising recalled the old memories.

Saugat Malla and Menuka Pradhan are her favorite actor in the Nepali film industry because she thought both of them are brilliant actor and down to the earth. “People including actors should always be down to earth because ego will eventually bring them down,” she said. “So always be honest at your work and independent so that you can achieve your goals.”

Currently, she has been pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in art faculty at Padma Kanya Campus. “I don’t have any specific plans for future because I focus on present work and enjoy on that but at least it’s for sure that I will keep on acting in the film sector.”

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