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Published On: September 12, 2017 10:39 AM NPT By: Shikha Bahety

Imagine a world with gender equality

Imagine a world with gender equality

We are living in the era where people have started thinking rationally; we have modernized not with technologies, but with our thoughts too.

There are many things that have changed with time. It is impressive to see independent women all around and families supporting them to become whatever they want to be in life. The percentage of working class women has become risen and more number of girls are scoring better marks than boys.  

The ratio of girls enrolled in primary schools has increased as compared to the two decades. The importance of education, exploration and the opportunity of letting children achieve their dream are understood by parents. The discrimination between girls and boys has reduced.

Even if we believe that there is no difference between both the sexes, and each one is capable physically, mentally and emotionally, the Asian society fails to prove it. The idea and the way things are implemented has not changed, a tradition which has been followed since years and never questioned. Why does a girl leave her home and adjust to a new place and why it cannot be other way round or let’s say why they cannot stay in both the houses for the same time each year. 

It’s a custom which is going on and it would not change for centuries now. These are big steps of change, but we can always start with small steps. For example: When a girl is working professionally and is set with her career as much as a man is, the responsibility of home chores should be divided equally between the both.

Don’t you think so? Why should all the accountability be on one gender since we are talking about no prejudice? We are not talking about self-esteem here, but just the idea that if any work is divided among all, it can be finished faster and easier.  

Our societies need to give it a serious thought as we believe that there is no difference in the power of a man or a woman. This will happen when the kids are made to do their activities by themselves and the household work is shared by the son as much as the daughter. Boys still think that they are entitled to some rights by birth just because of their gender. Their upbringing plays a vital role in such mindset. This needs to be changed first. 

Families with a patriarchal mindset should learn and understand that the world has changed. They need to keep a tab on the things that are happening around the world and adapt accordingly. With time we need to revolutionize and happily broaden our mindset. If this fails, and if we continue with primitive methods, the generation gap between family members will end in feuds and misunderstandings. But reducing generation gap is a two way process, where the elders’ conservative thought is eliminated while the new generation inherits the values and norms passed by the elders. 

Imagine a society and a place to live where there is no difference between the genders, free of disparity. A world where the responsibility of men and women are the same looks so beautiful. Visualize the situation where the supremacy and dominance of male is completely removed, it would be much simpler. 

Shikha is a Chartered Accountant and Client Servicing Executive at JWT Thompson Nepal, Durbar Marg.

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