Published On: August 26, 2019 06:00 PM NPT By: Kiran Lama

If you are fearless, you are stupid!

If you are fearless, you are stupid!

"How’re you feeling now?" A bungee-master at the Last Resort asked me before plunging into Bhote Koshi where the bridge is above 160m above the ground. His name was Sujan Maharjan who was clad in a blue printed T-shirt, reads ‘The Last Resort’. He has seen around thousands of adrenaline junkies—courageous and chicken-hearted— from every walk of life for a decade.

"I'm excited and at the same I’m afraid," I replied with a trembling voice.

I was honest at the time since it was my first experience doing bungee jump.

My heart was pounding so hard. I could feel that my fear was going to triumph over the little courage that I had before stepping onto a suspension bridge. However, with the help of pump out tracks—playing at jumping station, I garnered some strength. I was the first among other journalists who were invited to experience the bungee jump. I encouraged myself saying I should be the role model to other journalists rather than criticizing myself for being afraid to jump from that height.

"That's great," bungee-master said while finally checking all my safety gears.

"What is it so great to be afraid?" I asked surprisingly.

"If you are fearless, then you are stupid,'" he immediately replied.

Initially, I didn't get his answer, however his answer carried a deep meaning--being afraid is normal.  For me, his reply was like a motivational speech as if a commander was encouraging his soldiers before being deployed to a war zone.

Then, I slowly walked toward the edge of the ledge. He instructed me not to look to downward and also said to spread both my hands freely like a bird and breathe deeply. 

On the count of “3, 2, 1, bungee,” I jump toward the river. At the moment—for around four seconds of free fall, I blanked out where I was unaware of what I was going on. I wanted to scream loud but not a single word came out from my mouth. But, I managed to scream loud after a few bounces. The scream was like mediation to me where all the negativity and frustration were washed away.  
Meanwhile, I found myself relaxed hanging above the mighty Bhote Koshi river.  What a moment it was! The burble of Bhote Koshi and cool breeze rejuvenated my tired soul. I removed the harness clip as the bungee master blew the whistle from the jumping station. I was pulled upward with the help of the rope. 

“Congratulation bro you did it,” Bhola Shrestha—another bungee master said to me while taking out the harness from my body. I only could shake my head as a gesture of thank you to Bhola dai.

It was a dream come true moment for me, the dream which I saw during my college days. I was the first one to do bungee jump among my friend’s circle. I had made many plans with them but it was always a flop. I wanted to show my victory but I waited until I received the footage of bungee jump.

I uploaded it on social media with the caption: “Walk like a penguin and fly a bird.”

Many of my friends commented on that video and most of them asked, “Are you not scared while doing bungee?”

Due to the fear of height, most of the people hesitate doing bungee jump. And lately, a funny viral video of bungee jump of Nepali guy saying ‘Vayo Vayo’ added the fuel. They might also be thinking that they embarrassed themselves being viral in social media.

Remember one thing that it’s good to be scared. But it’s a mistake to live your whole life in fear. Hence, overcome your fear and head to a voyage full of adventures because at the end, we all have to die. So let’s live our life to the fullest before it’s too late.




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