Published On: February 7, 2018 10:33 AM NPT By: Moin Uddin

I wonder why!

I wonder why!

I wonder how much a person can please others just to make sure that they do not ruin a relationship. I wonder how much a person can pretend that they are okay when in reality they are hurt deep inside by the ignorance of the efforts that they put to make others happy. 

I wonder how much a person can accept others for their adultery and be okay accepting that this is their fate. I wonder why we are suffering just to get love from others. I wonder why we are dying every single moment just to get a little attention, care, and love from the person we value in our life, but those people have little or no concern for you.

I wonder why we put lots of heavy weight in our minds by thinking about things that are not in our control and let the sharp edge of the negative imaginations, which makes sure to wreak havoc in our lives. I wonder why people take things for granted when in reality they are doing their best to make their loved ones happy by sacrificing their precious times. 

I wonder how we can take others’ sharp words that hurt our ego and letting them damage us further. It will make things worse – not only physically but also mentally, which you will alone suffer and rest will say that you have just gone crazy. 

I wonder why you act innocent when in real, you feel the urge to vomit the poisons that were slowly injected on your soul making you weaker and sick but you pretend as if life is like a rose. I wonder why you hold your tears in eyelids when it wants to pour down and relieve whenever people of various nature and backgrounds come and pinch your spirit.

I wonder why you just lock yourself in imaginative cage when in real, you are a free bird to fly anywhere your imagination takes and you enjoy the journey by sitting on ingenious seats. I wonder why your eyes do not smile like a newborn baby but you fake smile on your lips just to make sure that things are done without making it seem crazy. 

I wonder why you just don’t be real and speak out your mind, be who you are rather than behaving like someone else that people want you to be like. This is a complete nonsense to your existence. I wonder why you don’t follow your passions rather than keeping yourself cocooned in a limited space and losing your identity, however, in real you are someone who is worthy of all your passions and aspirations that might have something great to offer you. 

I wonder why you don’t stop listening to others’ voices and start listening to your inner voice, which knows you from the start and wants you to be the best of the best. You have all the powers, you have all the resources, you have an amazing mind, and a loving heart, I wonder why don’t you use it. I wonder why you do not use your gift of magic to create the real crafts and amaze the world with your unbounded possibilities. I wonder why. 

wonder, why,

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