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Published On: September 10, 2018 09:14 AM NPT By: Biken K Dawadi

I hope

I hope

I hope you have
forgotten by now,
what I have done 
at what cost and how,
to see you smile,
to see you in glee,
to see you laugh
dumb, youthful and free.
Hope you forget
my words and my rhymes,
my present too,
and all of those times
I prayed for you
your good health, long life,
Oh! how I dreamt
to make you my wife,
But dreams are dreams,
My boyish dreams are dead,
I dream no more
of marrying mermaids.
Mermaid you were,
all you brought was pain,
I hope that I
never love you again.
Instead, I hope
that I forget you,
I hope that you,
You forget me too.

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