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Published On: June 17, 2019 12:05 PM NPT By: Anwesha Khadka

I found humanity today

I found humanity today

I felt hungry and went to the kitchen myself. All of a sudden I started wanting to eat junk food. I know, I know it's not good for health but eating it once in a blue moon is just fine. As none was home today I couldn't tell my sister to sneak out of the house and bring me something to eat. Frankly speaking, I am a total couch potato but my hunger beat my laziness. I took a quick look at the mirror got the keys and walked out of the house.


Oh! Why are the streets of Kathmandu so dirty and dusty? Honestly, I guess I myself am also responsible for this environment. After being an educated person should I not be able to aware people about the effects of pollution. I started thinking of what I should buy then I reached the nearest grocery shop at my house. I asked for two packets of lays and a peach juice can. As I was paying I overheard the wife of the shop owner talking to the ladies next to and around her. She was saying that their dog had gone away and not returned since yesterday. I thought that it was not good to be eavesdropping so I quickly paid and got my change into my pocket.


 As I turned to move three children came half running and half panting and two dogs came following them. One of the children said smiling and pointing at the dogs," Look, mom, Kale brought Lucky." I saw that the aunty went running to the dog and the daughter came running from inside on hearing the sentence. I saw the family get hold of the dog not in a hurting way but in a way that showed a sense of love. Animal love. I found myself staring at the sight smiling. It felt kind of weird so I found my way through them and walked home still smiling. Like I was not an animal lover no offense but it was because I was scared of them.


Obviously fear keeps you away from things. The same was with me. I didn't like animals much but I am really against animal harm. Today I felt that the love expressed towards animals hasn't still died. Then I felt that like love and affection of humanity towards animals. I think that somewhere in a small corner of the human hearts even humanity also still evolves. I found humanity today.




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