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Published On: August 27, 2019 12:23 PM NPT By: Afaf Shamim

I feel love is nothing for me

I feel love is nothing for me

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Love, is a word most people find magical and full of care. For me, this word has no meaning. Simply, because I really don’t believe in the word, love. This word itself holds no meaning for me. I believe it is just a fantasy. Just like fake fairy tales that people believe in.

Love and care in a romantic relationship is meaningless for me. Sure, my parents do love me. But I don’t call it love like other people do. Its…it’s just something different for me.

I feel love is nothing for me; it’s just a word with four meaningless letters. Many people or let’s say almost all the people believe in this word. They love, care and expect from their loved ones.

Then, they stay in relationships for hugs, kisses and what not. I have neither loved anyone in the past, no not even my parents. Sure, you may think that I am heartless who does not love his parents who gave birth to me or not to love the person who cares about me. Well, it’s not entirely that. If I have to say in your words, I will say that I do love them a lot. But in my words, I wouldn’t call it love because for me love is nothing, nothing at all.

Nevertheless, I respect my family and those who are in my life. Love is nothing but a feeling. And I rather keep action in higher aspect of life than love. Therefore, education, career, aim, etc. matters to me more than the feeling of love.


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