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Published On: January 8, 2020 04:21 PM NPT By: Republica

How young emerging artists define art

How young emerging artists define art

Social media has been serving as a strong platform for people to evince their talents. Discerning this fact, we tried reaching out to few young artists through their Instagram accounts to shortly delineate how they feel about art.

Here is how young artists responded to how they feel about art:

“I have always liked to define art in one word---‘Latibule’. It means a place of safety. A place to hide.” Pranav Shrestha.

“Art is a medium through which you can express yourself and your ideas in however ways you want, to show people what you see from your perspective. It is a way to put things that you see, to be seen.For some a Banana pasted to a wall in a white box can be art while for others intricate detailed work can be art. Therefore, art is whatever a person says is art.” Nirvik Maskey.

“Art doesn’t really have a definition but what we all agree is that art is form of expression of various forms with the intent to trigger emotional response from the audience. Personally, it’s always been about what I love and what makes me happy.  It has worked as an interactive medium where I open doors to my crazy world of imagination to all.” Wataru Shrestha.

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