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Published On: January 27, 2019 05:09 PM NPT By: Avijit Thapa

How long will the celebrated ones keep dodging bullets?

How long will the celebrated ones keep dodging bullets?

A leading newspaper and online portal broke the news of sexual harassment on female students by a high-profile lecturer. It came up with the news of Krishna Bahadur Bhattachan’s students complains on being harassed by the lecturer. Bhatttachan is a lecturer of Sociology at Tribhuwan University. There are complains that he has allegedly been sexually harassing his female students for many years.

The University has so far not come up with any comments whatsoever. They have kept claiming that they were unaware of such events. They have firmly stood by their statement that no such news has come up to them. The Vice Chancellor further stated that the case would be looked into if it reaches out to the authority. He is adamant that such cases should rather be reported to the authorities instead of going out on the media.

The thing is, the authority seems to be saving its reputation via defending the lecturer. Had the case first reached out to the authorities, the outcome would have most certainly been very different. The case would have been closed and dismissed within the university premise. At the end of the day, why would one strike his own foot with an axe?

The second side of the picture- The students.  The ‘Metoo’ campaign struck the world hard. Politicians, filmmakers, and many ‘Powerful’ Persons paid the consequence. However, the campaign could not function well here, in this part of the world. There have been cases where mainly females have been quite vocal about the mistreatment and harassment they’ve been through. Bhattachan’s students always feared his image, his power, and the consequences post the complaint. However, a few of them bravely stood against his inappropriate touching. There have been loads of comments against the lecturer- the mood is clearly against the academician.

The third and the final side of the picture- the government. It is surprising that the government generally interferes in the wrong issues for different wrong reasons. Putting politics aside, this is a case which involves a renowned asset of the national university. The university is trying its best- to let no stones unturned, in supporting the Sociology lecturer. But how will the government take this case? How will they go about it? The questions are yet to be answered. Finally, will the government take solid steps against female harassment- either at a public vehicle, at schools and colleges, even at their homes?

Provided, we come up with strict law against such inhuman behavior, the best of the best and the strongest of the strong will then be brought to justice. Let’s believe such day will soon arrive in this country.

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