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Published On: November 22, 2018 08:59 AM NPT By: Prallabi Lohani

How long should a girl child suffer?

How long should a girl child suffer?

“Don’t go out. Even if you do, come home within the next hour”

These are the words we girls hear before going out of our houses. Every time we go out, all we hear is to be careful, be aware of the bad people, and shout immediately when you find somebody following you, don’t talk to boys, don’t talk to strangers, and don’t get into the taxi alone.  Do you think this is our fault?  Every time girls are instructed to be aware by their parents and society. Why don’t the parents and the society ever dictate the boys to be decent? Why don’t they teach the boys to control their sexual emotions? This is ridiculous that the girls are the rape victims and on top of that, they face a lot of humiliation from society. Whereas boys, they’re walking around without any shame.

This has always been an intolerable practice in Nepal that girls are always humiliated without even understanding whether they’ve committed a mistake or not. They’re beaten up by their parents in order to make them grounded within the four walls of the house. The only way to solve this is to teach boys about decency and teach them how to have a control over their sexual emotions rather than telling girls to be aware of the boys. 

Isn’t this stupid that a nine months old girl child was raped in Nepal? The poor little child couldn’t even start the journey of her beautiful life. Oh! Sorry; how can I forget that beautiful life no longer exists for the girl child in this country anymore? Nepal has banned a lot of porn websites available on the internet currently, but would that stop these activities. Those websites are not solely responsible for the increasing rape cases these days. There are various other reasons too. 

When I try to go out, sometimes even my mother seems to be extremely worried, wondering if anything wrong might happen. If I get home late from school by any chance, there’s always this worried look on my mother’s face. These days she doesn’t even feel safe to send me out with my own relatives just because she’s scared that something might happen. When will the government take a strict action against it? Will they only realize after a series of heart-wrenching accidents happen?  

So, who should we trust and have faith upon for our protection? Even the government is in a state of coma: Helpless. Not only rape, there are various other problems that a girl/ woman is facing. One such problem being gender discrimination. Despite this, the chaupadi system is still existent in some rural parts of Nepal. So, who do we express this pain and sorrow to? How long shall we bear this pain and humiliation? 

Lohani is studying in grade IX in Kathmandu Meridian School

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