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How Digital Marketing is transforming businesses in Nepal

How Digital Marketing is transforming businesses in Nepal

Nepal now a day’s growing with rapid speed in the digital marketing field. People are getting more aware of the benefits of digital marketing to grow business. The indifference of 2-3 years digital marketing has put its strong impact in Nepal business industry. Even a small shop is creating their own digital world and connecting themselves with customers. Digital marketing is not the sexiest option but a compulsory one. This helps you to build your business traffic and increase business stardom.


Can you imagine communication without digital marketing? It has literally become the backbone of business in Nepal. Nepalese people are quick to adaptation. They have accepted the changes brought through digital marketing and change themselves according to time demand. However it has been easy since digital marketing has feet up in the business world, it’s getting faster day by day. Competitions between business holders are increasing at every moment.

Though Nepal is developing its root in digitalization who can wonder how the past of digital marketing in Nepal before few years was. What was the business condition before digital marketing?  Let’s put an eye on the pros and cons of transferring business by digital marketing in Nepal.


Business without digital marketing

Previously, business reaching to the targeted market was not so easy. People had to go for the door to door marketing so that they could reach targeted customers who are literally interested in their product. Marketing required a number of manpower & resource which was not a cheaper option surely.  Business holder in the market was not widely required. People of that time used to get influenced easily about a product without doing any serious investigation. This used to result in a bad decision some times.


What you think about which business technique was popular at that time?  Only television and Radio were popular means of marketing at that time as a digital source of marketing. Otherwise, Newspaper was also widely used means by business holders at that time. We can understand that marketing was not cheap at that time.


Social media at that time though was used widely but people are unaware of its benefit in business. Nepal was using social media as a means of communication rather than a business growing platform. Business before digital marketing seemed to be more difficult taking more efforts and expenses at a time. We can say that business before the digital era was totally in the loss.


Transformation of Business after Digital World

Digital marketing has changed the way of marketing for any business. It has provided a creative means to reach targeted customers. What will you expect more when your business is growing rapidly without running over, neither investing in man powers? Isn’t that awesome? Marketing is an important part of business though in past, present or in the future. The growth of business without marketing is not possible even in dreams. But it’s also not compulsory that you should market in a similar way how you were doing in the past because you are earning well. As time change taste of people also changes accordingly and Nepal stands as an inspiring example for this.

Nepal falls in a fast-growing country in the digital era. Talking about business after digitalization it has turnover its face. Digital marketing has kept it’s a good impact in business so that people are adopting it so rapidly.  Let’s talk about what it has given to the business industry at this present day.

1.    Decreases Stress

People are getting relief for marketing at a time. They are growing their business even more rapidly just sitting in front of their electronic device. People in the past had to rush here and there so that they could make some profit and build trust within their customers. Business personnel had to worry about their product shipping all the time.

It’s not like that anymore now. Now through digital marketing, a business master is being able to send their product door to door without the help of any manpower. Neither they are worried about their product views and depend upon influences.

2.    Less expensive

Before the digitalization, marketing was quite expensive. An only limited number of measures was available at that time. Taking benefit of that, media owners used to charge high for advertisement and were not guaranteed for the expected result. This type of marketing had to be done continuously so that people could see it every day which used to cost very high for them. Such advertisement was like a dream for low budget business.

But after entry of the digital era, even small budget business is also being able to market their product to the target-oriented customers and within cheaper cost. Media of digital marketing like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more are letting everyone to market through their site within their expected budget which was a huge turn for them to grow their business.


3.    Result orientation

It’s not that, past marketing was without result, they were but not so effectively. Your advertisements were seen by everyone in the country but not being valued. For example: If you are advertising about beauty products in television, newspaper or in radio then every single person who is updating with this media gets aware of it, right? Not only women but children, oldies and even man see your advertisement, isn’t it? But are they your targeted customers? Beauty products are usually more popular among women. They are more interested in it rather than man, oldies and children. Then what the worth of your expenses in this advertisement? It is just a waste compare to digital marketing.

Digital marketing helps you select customers according to your product. It lets you control your product display and let you decide whom to show and whom not to show. Digital marketing is so result oriented that it helps both viewers and advertisers to get what they actually want and whom they want to engage.


4.    Saves your time

Rushing here and there for marketing is worthless compares to sitting in one place and controlling. Digital marketing helps you to control your product reputation within your areas. You don’t have to go door to door and knock there to make them buy your product. This saves your time and energy which you can utilize for others good word. In other word, digital marketing has become like our assistant who manages your business more than you without getting bored.


5.    More profitable

Comparing writing a message and voice message, which one is easier? Well, of course, voice message, because you don’t have to type and neither have to use your energy. Marketing in the digital concept is quite as similar to the given statement. It saves your energy and is profitable at the same time. When you use digital marketing as your companion in business, first profit is that you don’t have to expenses for your manpower. Secondly, you don’t have to run here and there which is equally expensive and required high energy. Thirdly, you will remain free of stress for your business stability and financial growth. Altogether, you are being benefited physically, mentally and financially at the same time through digital marketing.


Final Thoughts

We can say that digital marketing in Nepal has kept its full impact in changing the face of business with new ideas and medium. Nepal is getting more measures to reach its customers not only within the country but also outside the country. The business industry of Nepal is being able to ship out and getting foreign traffic for their business within one click, where at past it was beyond the imagination. Business was not even being able to reach within the country properly.

However, entry of digital marketing in Nepal was late but has gotten popular within a short time and now Nepal business industry is also putting strong impacts in the offshore community.





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