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Published On: December 28, 2017 12:12 PM NPT By: Abhishek Rai Lama



Sometimes broken, sometimes sad
but I won’t waver nor stop being glad.
For I know the path i have taken,
I realize the road I must walk on;
Alone in times without any stop 
Silently in order to reach the top.
Wish once I desired, turned out to be foolish; 
Emptiness filled in making me want to cease.
World turned out against me or maybe I to it
But Hope told me, “Move on, just do it”
Deep inside the tunnel struggling in pain 
I turned left and right but found no gain
Stumbling and gasping I tried to move in tears
Crawling and crying I almost gave in to my darkest fears
But I know I must not stop despite my fright; 
Must move on even though blinded by confusion and out of sight.
Yeah in times fight alone the good fight 
For in the end I believe there lies a glimmering hope of light. 


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