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Published On: February 10, 2019 08:56 AM NPT By: SARMITA SHRESTHA




"Home is where your heart is.
My home is in you."
This is exactly what I used to say until I realized,
we shouldn't make our homes out of people. Because when they walk away,
our homes also walk with them;
we feel empty as never before.
This will leave us homesick and sad;
missing arms that can't hold our roofs;
hearts with shanty foundations.
There becomes a void, an emptiness in our heart after they are gone;
that can never be filled and the places they hold can never be replaced.

Relationship is like a house.
When a light bulb burns out,
you don't go and buy a new house,
you fix the bulb.
But dear,
This is exactly what u did and
I can't destroy this home
with the same heart and
hand I built them in you.
So this is what I have realized:
Make a home out of your own body;
Live in yourself.
Don't let people burn you into regrets.
Don't expect someone to make you happy.
Expectation is the root cause of disappointment.
It's not 'Be with someone
who makes you happy'.
But it is 'Be someone who
makes you happy.
Your hands are threads,
Your body is a canvas.
You are terrifying and strange and beautiful,
something not everyone knows how to love.
So Make yourself the first priority!
Love yourself more!
Value yourself more!

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