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Published On: December 5, 2018 12:12 PM NPT By: Yubraj Parajuli



Apart from flesh, bones and blood it is emotions which make us what we are. Human feelings are complicated.  Neither are they equations nor emotions.  Sometimes we experience happiness, sometimes we find nothing except the hollowness within us.   We love happiness, who doesn’t?  They seem to have a short lived life, but hollowness doesn’t get cleared from our system for long. This is what we feel but not what actually happens. Actually they do last for the same duration but we love being happy and hate being hollow. That’s us, by nature we are selfish, we always want more, we always want well.

Imagine a life full of happiness without any pain, sorrows or problems.  Would you really be “happy” if you are always “happy”?  Wouldn’t that be repetitive, dull and boring? Who loves eating same food every day?   We want variations. At first we try. Then we fail. Eventually we learn and finally we evolve. I sometime wonder why a movie can’t be made only about cheerfulness, why don’t they write a novel about love with no sorrows. That would be flat and tedious, so would be our life without regrets and hurt. Let’s think about our history of evolution. It was an obstacle that converted us into a supreme power today. It took millions of years for that single cell to acquire feelings. Denying sorrows is denying that evolution. Just like shadow we cannot refuse the hollowness that comes along with happiness; we must accept it. Emotion is one of the most beautiful gifts of nature. Everything is within us. Our soul has happiness and sorrows, love and hate, fear and anger and every sort of emotions. You cannot deny this fact.  Whether you want it or don’t, you have to feel these emotions, and you should. One should experience every type of emotions. No one understands trust better, without getting hurt. You have to love someone before hating them.  People know to laugh out loud only if they have cried alone.  Emotions seem to make us fragile but eventually they make us a better person as they allow us to see this world from different perspectives. They teach us sympathy and empathy. Without emotions we are just a machine and nothing more than that. So accept whatever amygdala makes us feel and act reasonably.

Whenever you feel hollow, let it complete you, let it teach you discomfort and sorrows. It is hollowness that lures us for the search of happiness.

Happiness without feeling hollow is nothing; it’s every time the same thing.

The author is currently studying MBBS at Kathmandu Medical College. 

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