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Published On: June 7, 2019 11:00 AM NPT By: Shraddha Rai

Heavy downpours!

Heavy downpours!

I mean, who doesn't love when it rains! I just love it. I don't exactly remember when i realized i was so much fascinated with rain and everything that it has to offer. The sudden splatter of rain can light up my mood at any instant. The earthy scent of earth after rain falls on it is so fresh and pleasant. The environment is so fresh and beautiful…  Asadh is the most awaited time of the year. When it rains after such a long time, our heart dances in the beat of the rain.  Farmers thank the Rain God and enjoy every bit of it. What could be more amusing than sipping warm cup of coffee with freshly cooked pakodas, and enjoying the rainfall from balcony? Sound of rain is so soothing. It's like a lullaby for grownups. I wonder how many people have experienced the sprinkling of rain while walking in lush green forests. It's like being in heaven. As cliché as it may sound, rain is an epitome of romance.  It's no surprise that people fall in love during rain. We've seen it enough in movies. Even birds sing and dance when it is drizzling. Light rain in sunny days makes our heart happy and faces all smiling. Moreover, in our capital city where dust is inevitable in every road and corner, it's even more wonderful when it rains because rain at least shuns the swirling of dust for a while.

As fascinating as it is, it has it's drawback as well. If rain falls for hours then our country gets waterlogged. Our houses and buildings submerge in the water from the sky. People living in ground floor have to face the most difficulty. In fact, there is chaos everywhere. Transportation stops. How can vehicles travel in water engulfed places? On the other hand, floods and landslides occur in sloppy places. Due to these events, people get hurt. Cattles die. In fact, locality gets paralyzed. Recently, Bhaktapur went through this horrible time. I ponder, did engineers fail in planning and designing of the structures or everything is to be blamed on nature for pouring the unbearable load of rain? 

Nevertheless,if we try to be positive and look at the brighter aspects, we witnessed some heart touching moments. There were parents trying their best to save their children from the muddy water. Parents love their child so much. Few photographs were published which portrayed that love. Also, people are so creative. They used their ideas to overcome the obstacles. Our rescue team and police officers did their best in that difficult time. Whatever it is, we Nepalese are still strong and smiling we pass every difficulty whether it's the earthquake or flood. Truly, Nepalese are one of the best peoples. And our beautiful hearts reflect in our smiles.  

Kudos to us!!













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