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Published On: December 2, 2019 03:00 PM NPT By: Biken K Dawadi

Hear me out

Hear me out


The light is fading,
darkness invading
the realms of men,
where used to be tens
of monsters before
lie millions and millions more.
And now I fall prey
as darkness crumbles the day,
those muddy hands,
in these tumultuous lands
have wriggled their fingers
into my being, and lingers
the joy I had when little,
those hands belittle,
if not asphyxiate
my soul. Is it too late?

I see those eyes,
those glowing red eyes
in the dark of night,
they dive into my might,
plunge into my spirit
what remains the merit
of struggling now?
Should I lie low?
No more screams?
No more childish dreams?
Just the horrid pain,
will I see you again?

Are you monsters too?
Will you one day do
the same to some other?
will you not bother,
about your sisters and mothers,
as your cold smothers
fell the life out of her?
Or will you be a lover,
a four-leaved clover,
in the ocean of demons
spread sermons
of love and respect,
and other aspects
of hurting and pain
of hatred and disdain
as your thoughts cluster
into a monster.

Tread carefully,
act thoughtfully,
Nothing is pure.
Nothing endures.
Nothing is just
in this world of lust
and unwanted desire.
Don’t let the fire
of youth sour you
devour your
spark of life.
There will be strife,
there will be glowing eyes,
those muddy hands,
in every land.
Be brave, face your fears,
see through the mask those monsters wear,
that mask is not your burden to bear,
Perhaps, in some other world
we build on our own,
you will not have to do as told,
you will be free
from these decrees.
Perhaps, in that universe, that lore,
you will not have to hide anymore.

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