Published On: July 1, 2021 01:42 PM NPT By: Sangita Shrestha

Head held high

Head held high

Head held high but upset sometimes with the things that happened around.
Head held high but turns to pieces as pride is stepped on 
By something that pricks inside the heart that hurts badly.
No time for anything not even to sit and think
What has gone wrong and what has gone right.

Head held high and should be held high
Cause that's the way to live, head held high.
Head held high, when a task is accomplished
With the maximum use of determination and hard work.

Head held high being able to cherish the joy of being alive.
Head held high to know about the people in your life 
People who care about you and your head being held high.

Head held high knowing or being conscience 
about things one should do and don't
Head held high, Head held high
Looking at the mirror, what do you see? Someone who resembles yourself?

That person in the mirror, how is it? 
Is it asking about your identity or reflecting your identity?
What's the use of the identity when the person in the mirror
Doesn't resemble your identity.

Does that person hold eye contact with you or just stares you
back with anger or agony ?

Looking at the mirror, what do you see?
Is it really who you are or just you pretending to be who you are not?
Looking at the mirror concentrate on the pair of eyes 
And search if those eyes are happy and content.

Looking at the mirror, if you can held your head high and stare it back
Then, yes! You have accomplished and it's a complement to look back at the mirror
With much appreciation and love.

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