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Published On: August 4, 2019 08:00 AM NPT By: Sandhya Adhikari

He walks

He walks

He hasn't read Frost

but walks hours before he sleep.

He is not informed about Joyce

but says that he walks to meet himself.

He is heedless about Herog

still, walks to save some life.

He has no idea about Bronte

but he walks twice the same distance there and back.

He hasn't flip through "Open City"

still, he pays attention to where is he and where is he going


He knows nothing about woolf

says that he walks to get flower of knowledge.

He hasn't unravel Elkin's book

and quote that he walks with his sister and that girls walk more cautiously than boys.

He walks.

He walks because there's encumbrance, impediment, fear and he should get triumph over it.

He walks to overcome.


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