Published On: November 28, 2019 08:20 PM NPT By: Moin Uddin

He feels lonely

He feels lonely

He feels lonely

Lonely that has always engulfed

Wrapping in its torment of thoughts, beliefs and different customs

It has slowly ruined him into the words that was never his own

He was born free

But slowly was chained into rituals of heavenly and worldly gods

The surroundings wherever he lived was shaped by many odds

But he just wanted to live life in dignity with humility above all those different pots

He never denied any customs or norms

But was left to live suffocating playing inside demons

The demons were born by their own worms

Which transmitted into him that went on and on

Hopefully he is walking not sleeping

Trying to find the balance but is lost in not finding the true meaning

He is awake and knows the consequences

Not in his favors as he's chained into the rituals that's making him arrogant and is lost into disturbances

Love it! Thank you! I love this!


Lonely, slammed, beliefs,

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