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Published On: November 17, 2019 03:39 PM NPT By: Sangita Shrestha

Have goals in life

Have goals in life


Thirty-six years old, Bikram Prajapati is an artist. He is not only an artist but father to 12 years old son, Orbit. Bikram who lives in Thimi with his family has established a store to sell his paintings and artworks. Meanwhile, he also owns a tattoo studio at Gathaghar, Bhaktapur.

Being from the clan who gives life to clay in forms of vessels, it won’t be wrong to say that creativity is in his blood. He is a multifaceted artist who is also active in acting and is involved in local traditional mask dance as Devgan (masked dancer) during festivities. However, he is in love with painting and in water color medium.

About his love affair to water color medium Bikram shared, “When I was in class nine, I had a friend, Rajan Shrestha. And Rajan gave me his set of water color, which was his birthday gift. Also, I happen to read an article about artist in a newspaper which inspired me to be an artist.”

The statement in the article that emphasized on the point where artist will never be out of job, stroke a cord in him. This awakening generated determination in him to purse education in Fine Arts in 2001 after SLC, then he completed his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts (BFA). Till 2018, he used to work as art teacher for school level students. Brikram said, “Art is life and art is my primary source which helps me to live.”

Nevertheless, due to the uncertainty of income through art, his family members were against his career choice in the beginning. But his willpower to be an artist made them change their perspective. He added, “These days if I stay idle, my mother and wife insist me to draw or paint. Moreover, I feel like I am still not a complete artist. I have to do a lot. I am blessed that I am doing the thing that I wanted to and focused my life in it. I have learned that one should stick to their goal for success. But it is also ok, if you are not able to reach your goal.”

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