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Rubina is a BSc 4th year student of Environment Science at Golden Gate International College, Kathmandu.

Published On: October 19, 2017 08:33 AM NPT By: Rubina Karki


Being a feminist never means you have to hate men. I repeat, it never means you have to hate men.

With time, the meaning of words keeps on changing, for better or for worst. The same way, feminism has started to mean different in this time we regard ‘modern’.

Have you ever bothered to understand what feminism really means?

Wikipedia defines feminism as ‘The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.’

For a word, first used, somewhere in the 15th century, the meaning of the word ‘feminism’ has grown a lot. 

People have perspectives. Every person has different ways of looking at things, grasping their meaning and analyzing. Hence, feminism could mean different to different people, but from the base itself, one should not forget that feminism demands equality, transparency and equity as well, at some instants.

You have to bear in mind that there are many pseudo-feminists lurking in different societal levels. They talk about women’s advocacy, women’s rights, act for women’s protection, but when the time to make the move hits the judgment day; their true face hiding behind the mask of mediocrity and misogyny gets revealed. They are alluring, intriguing, only because they want themselves to be seen as feminists who demand equality, but what they are only trying to do, is twist YOU around their fingers, press you down their toes. They talk about women, they talk about complexities, they make this simple term ‘feminism’ sophisticated, and they themselves aren’t exactly clear about the true motive of feminism.

Pseudo-feminists talk about making a movement, making a change, but they talk more, do less. There’s no practicality. They talk about fighting a common fight, but, think again, because at the same time they could be misogynistic, they wouldn’t care for being a feminist unless it’s a benefit with no cost.

In city areas, feminism has been glorified to become a trophy wife.

Dressing up and feminism have become two inseparable terms. Some pseudo-feminists have a huge role in making them such. It’s our shared freedom to dress the way we like.  We can dress whatever way we like. No, I am not complaining if you choose to walk in the Middle of Ratnapark wearing a bikini. I respect you if you can walk in the streets of New Road in Baggy pants and an oversized t-shirt. It’s your choice and no, it doesn’t turn events. No, your dress-up didn’t cause an austere turbulence. But people will definitely judge you and you have to be able to cope up with that, because opinions won’t matter if you don’t care about the people in the streets judging you in the first place.

Yes, feminism is about breaking gender stereotypes. But, have we forgotten what it really means to be a feminist?

I am not saying that only women are allowed to be feminists. If a movement demands equality, it is a common goal; everyone can become feminists if they want. I have met some people who believe feminism is all about putting on a pretty face, becoming glamorous and glittery and letting men chase them. Can you even believe the hypocrisy of this? It’s not just some men who think that way, there are women as well, and who don’t understand the mediocrity in this. This is where I emphasize again, have we forgotten what feminism really means or do we choose to ignore?

Our sisters and brothers, in different parts of the world are fighting for us, fighting for a cause, fighting for equality, and here we are, not understanding and choosing to hate. They are turning oceans, they are going lengths, and here we are so-called feminists fighting for something that won’t even matter at the end of the day. We call ourselves ‘feminists’, yet we are always questioning the leadership of our counterparts.

What I don’t understand is why we view male and female as two different beings. Why do we have to think humans have two different beings? Aren’t we all regarded Homo sapiens sapiens now?

Aren’t we all humans? Why do we forget that one is incomplete without the other? Why do we forget that, at the end of the day, we are all here, for a common goal, for a common aim, to live long and prosper?


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