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Hailey Baldwin opens up about her struggle with anxiety

Hailey Baldwin opens up about her struggle with anxiety


Justin Bieber's wife and model Hailey Baldwin is opening up about her mental health struggles. The 22-year-old model spoke candidly about her struggle with anxiety in an interview with Glamour as cited by E! News.

Hailey shared that it once got to the point where she "couldn't sleep". She also spoke about the importance of spending time with yourself. When she does find that time, Hailey said that she likes to take a nap and listen to music.

"Honestly, I understand little kids when I nap. I'm like, Oh, I get it. This is really helpful and it feels good. I also like to take a moment and listen to some music and chill," she said. "It's so important, in my opinion, to find those moments for yourself. Especially when you're around people all the time. Not only for work, but when you're in a relationship too, and you're with another person all the time. I think it's important for both parties to be able to be, like, Hey, I need an hour to myself," she continued.

The model also added that going to a grocery store or drugstore works like a therapy for her. "For me, I actually enjoy running errands. I like having to go to the grocery store or the drugstore. It's a weird therapeutic thing for me--[it helps me] to feel normal," she said.

In early 2019, Hailey took to her Instagram account to share a post about her insecurities and her journey to finding her confidence. Reflecting on that post, Hailey in the interview, said, "I'm somebody who is very rooted in Christianity and faith. And for me, the root of confidence comes through that. It comes through God and comes through who I believe I was created by. So, you know, to each their own. I know not everybody believes in what I believe in. But aside from that, I think we need to cheer ourselves on more."

When asked how she manages to cheer herself after a bad day, Hailey said that she looks at the people in her life, including her "amazing" husband. "There are always going to be things that bother you, or that you struggle with, that are never going to go away. And instead of focusing on those things, I try to flip the thought and focus on the other stuff. Like, I know I'm in a good spot in life. My family loves me. You've just got to flip the thought," she said.

Hailey also opened up about how meditation helps with anxiety. "I read a book a year and a half ago when I was struggling horribly with anxiety. I couldn't sleep. I was just going through a time, and I read a book called Mindsight," she said.

"It's written by this doctor named Daniel Siegel, and he teaches this kind of meditation. It's not spiritual, it doesn't have to be religious. It's not religious at all, actually. It's more like a body-function meditation. It's all about knowing that you don't have to be ruled by your thoughts. You can take control and flip the thought around," she added. Hailey also added that she admires people speaking out about their struggles.

"You just have to be honest that life sucks sometimes. It's hard. Things are difficult. I just think the more we are open about it, the more we can help people find solutions," she said. The model got engaged to Justin in July 2018 and secretly married him at a New York City courthouse in September of the same year. However, the two aren't in any rush to hold a religious ceremony following their courthouse wedding.

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