Published On: August 6, 2017 12:53 PM NPT By: Santosh Subedi

Gurung Films Flourishing in Pokhara

Gurung Films Flourishing in Pokhara

Pokhara is a melting pot of a diverse group of communities. People belonging to various cultures live here in harmony with a shared sense of tradition. The city has also given a significant space to Gurung films. 

Timely charity shows have gradually helped Gurung films foster in Pokhara. The success of movie ‘Nakaifu’, directed and produced by Maotse Gurung, shows the grip of Gurung films in the lake city. The movie has already collected about Rs 500,000, as per Maoste.

Although the movie was released in local theaters in a queue system, it managed to garner significant attention. The presence of a diverse group of cultures also makes Pokhara rich in art, music, culture, lifestyle and languages. Hence, films of different languages are shot in Pokhara in a bid to capture its rich culture and natural splendor. 

Gurung films are faring well in Pokhara as they are made under the budget of Rs 100,000 to Rs 200,000 and make good money in return. They also cater entertainment to the Gurung community in the local level. Pokhara residents have started organizing charity shows and collecting money from the films they air on projectors in different villages.

About 23 years ago, youths of an organization called Rodhi Family in Kathmandu started making Gurung films. One of the youths, Pritam Gurung had collected money from friends and family and made Pate (Maili). It was dubbed in Gurung and Nepali languages and received a lot of appreciation.

Pritam recollected the past and said, “We made the film but the collection was not good. After three years, we managed to get the invested amount back but it was long wait.” He added, “There were neither charity shows nor proper film halls back then that supported the film’s business. We had to sell the cassettes under a tent.” 

Gurung films have grown in terms of quality as well. “Every film is now required to shoot with the permission of Film Development Board and register in Gurung Film Association Nepal (GFAN). Before the release, films also go through a screening process from the Censor Board of Nepal. The films before were shot from HS9000 camera; the dubbing and editing processes were also very hectic. Films now are shot digitally using DSLR, GH4 cameras,” said Pritam.

Even the content of Gurung films has changed with time. Today, films are being used to propagate agendas and address psychological or political issues that have not been under the limelight.
There are more than two dozen film companies registered in Pokhara and over 350 people involved in making Gurung films. A brief look into indigenous films shows that Gurung films are more in number and successful. Over 150 Gurung films have been made as of yet, while more are under making. 

Like other communities, Gurungs are also making films in order to promote their culture and language in national as well as international platforms. 

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