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Published On: January 22, 2019 12:30 PM NPT By: Rahat Poudel

'Guffai ta ho'

'Guffai ta ho'

Let it be a half-time break at school or while playing WWE stickers and ‘Guccha’ with friends, the talks we had when we were kids are nostalgic. 

Here are some of the hearsays we believed when we were kids:

Avril had AIDS.
It’s no lie that we all thought the singer who sang ‘Girlfriend’ had AIDS and was eventually waiting for her death.

Picture Courtesy: techweez.com

Jhalak Dikhla Ja
Only brave kids would sing this song. It was said ghosts or some kind of spirits would come if a person sang ‘Jhalak Dikhla Ja’.


Evil Dead director’s son encounter to heart attack
After finishing the first ‘Evil Dead’ movie, the director’s son watched that movie alone. According to the talks, he got heart attack henceforth.


Nikhil Upreti jumped from Dharahara.
While filming a movie, Nikhil Upreti wanted to have an awesome take on an act. So, he jumped from Dharahara.


Rajendra Khadgi killed a buffalo at a single punch
Whenever we used to see buffaloes and see people doing martial –arts, we used to talk about strength of Khadgi and his incident of killing a buffalo at a single punch.


Rajesh Hamal rejected a Hollywood movie.
As Hamal’s stardom was rising in early 2000s, he got many movie offers. Not only from Nepal but he was approached by Hollywood directors. However, according to hearsay, he said ‘No’ because he was THE RAJESH HAMAL!


Pele once hit a ball and it went wide. He was amazed by it. So, he thought it was wrong with the length of the post. And to prove everyone wrong, he measured the post and found it smaller in length than an ordinary post.

Picture Courtesy: hollywoodreporter.com

There’s also this talk about Pele and his nephew where he suggested his nephew for not to be a goalie. However, the nephew insisted on that fact. One day, they faced. Pele kicked a ball and his nephew tried to save. On saving, Pele broke this nephew’s bones.


Bruce Lee’s strength
We were believed that he punched a wall and his hand appeared the other side. Also, his body was thought to be bullet proof.

Picture Courtesy: mentalfloss.com

Honorable mentions:

  • If somebody finds money in street, he/she should not take his money to his/her home.
  • You must blow the fingers of the person who touches your neck.
  • If you head collides with somebody, you must re-collide deliberately.
  • If somebody sees the slippers upside down, he/she must turn it over to avoid a bad luck.

Those were the facts we believed back then. However, due to change in time and we turning from kids to teenagers, remembering those facts are more than funny.

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