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GoPro users are head turners

GoPro users are head turners

KATHMANDU, Dec 21: Imagine attaching a camera to your head and recording every second of your life throughout the day either until you turn it off or its battery dies. You’re well aware that the camera makes you stand out, often getting weird eyes from the public as if they’re watching a sociopath. Think it’s too uncanny? Well, replace your head with a helmet to attach the camera on and ride a motorbike or bicycle and the situation suddenly changes into a rather interesting trend.

Most of us have probably witnessed cameras attached to riders’ helmets as we’re walking on the busy streets. Those cameras are understood to be GoPro technology’s cameras, recording videos and able to capture photos if the conditions ask for it. So what’s so special about a camera attachable to the head which is able to record things? Well one has to ask a user for it. 

GoPro cameras come in handy particularly for trekkers and regular cyclers that want to record moments for memories. “I’m satisfied as with the device a trekker and a cyclist,” Sichu Shakya, a GoPro camera user said. “At first, many of my acquaintances didn’t have the camera, so I used to stand out, especially in front of curious eyes, when I cycled.” 

“People probably thought I was some kind of a show-off stunt performer as they would look at the camera lens ignoring my dangling legs against the cycle paddles. I once carried out a solo trek in the Langtang region. I was alone the whole time, without any acquaintances to crack jokes with or public to create a hyperbole about the camera sitting on top of my head, if not for the camera itself. So a friend if you will. You get a completely new experience at times and you seem to unexpectedly enjoy it quite a bit,” Shakya briefly explained about one of his experiences with the GoPro camera.

This doesn’t mean the device is limited among trekkers, while many people have been using it while driving two wheelers on the streets. This comes with underlying purposes as well, not too different from those of the trekkers. We’re living in a generation of technology after all. People might enjoy a little of vlogs in addition to the obvious memories they want to preserve. Throw in some views on YouTube as well, people love YouTube vlogs. Or maybe some of the GoPro camera users are just a curious bunch of people that want to record their everyday events. Curious or weird? Well that depends.

“Actually a GoPro camera could serve as an excellent witness in case of road accidents,” Sakar Tripathi, a user said. “If a vehicle hits a pedestrian while driving, the blame goes to the driver regardless of the situation. But if you have proof in the camera, it easily prevents you as a rider from unnecessary blaming. This is probably one of the main reasons why we see GoPro cameras frequently on the riders’ heads. So, it gives a sense of security if you will.”

The experience of GoPro camera is cool and all, but how does one use it? Or make it operate? Quite simple: like a typical camera. Then how does it differ from a typical camera? It’s attachable, of course; to your body parts. Plus it’s a more efficient media capturer in terms of quality. If you’re well informed and know how to use the current technologies, this should be a piece of cake for you. 

This piece of technology can be seen mostly in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Stream Cast Asia’s retailers in Nepal have several branches between the two cities, including at Thamel and New Road in Kathmandu and at Lakeside in Pokhara. Similarly, Icefall Technologies at Nayabazaar, Kathmandu, also has these devices on sale.

What if this technology is used by government agencies with the aim of overcoming crimes or social evils to some extent? This has seemed effective particularly on roads. Leave GoPro cameras in public areas and it works as psychological intervention against committing anything unsocial.  DIG at Kathmandu Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, Sarbendra Khanal, believes that GoPro camera among traffic police works as ‘an efficient usage’ of modern technology. “Imagine yourself as a rider and the sense that someone is always watching you, you’ll think twice before breaching the rules,” he added. 

“GoPro camera can be an essential piece of tool to store moments for future government references and memory. It can act as a witness to traffic accidents or crimes, thus making the suspects unable to shift the blame or vanish without leaving traces. This makes the work of traffic police and police in general a lot easier, and I hope to see more of its usage in the future.”

Surely some amount of cement is wasted while constructing a house. Hence, GoPro cameras also come with some recoil that one has to consider, both in terms of build quality and experience. Shakya said the camera requires utmost caring. “I need a cover for this device and because of the cover the output quality isn’t as good as expected at times. Plus, its battery doesn’t have a good life, thus requiring a backup battery or access to frequent charging.” 

Some people appreciate the pros of the device, but feel a hassle to trim and edit the videos. Well, this experience could be a far cry to most of the general people right now, but it certainly is the future. A decade ago, not many had imagined that almost every teenager would possess a Smartphone, but here we are now. Modern technology certainly has swept the country, including both young and older generations. 

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