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‘Gopi’: Simple story with an intense message

‘Gopi’: Simple story with an intense message
Film 'Gopi’
Director Dipendra Lama
Cast Bipin Karki, Barsha Raut, Surakshya Panta


A social film with bits of situational comedy, ‘Gopi’ reflects into the world of agriculture and the farmers. The film lends a vision to the typical lives of farmers who bear financial brunt of unequal government policies.

Sudheer (Bipin Karki) is a university gold medalist in Masters in Arts and a college teacher, who owns a cow farm at Tokha. He is in love with his batch mate Sujata (Surakshya Panta). Though Sudheer is totally devoted to his profession, people around him, including friends and family keep persuading him to go abroad. He doesn’t listen to them and decides to stay and start his own farm. On the other hand, Sujata doesn’t like Sudheer’s engagement in farming which seem to affect their relationship to some extent. Seen as a veterinarian, Usha (Barsha Raut) has an important role to play in Sudheer’s life in quite different ways that he has ever expected.

The director has handled the subject well justifying the storyline. The movie not only mentions the farmer’s issue; it also highlights the importance to fight the problems that are imposed by the superiors to the inferiors. However, people might find it uninteresting as the story moves on quite a slower pace.

The hindrances in Sudheer’s life engage the audience. It is the focal point of the film. After all the hardships he decides to quit farming and follow the direction of family and friends. But he finally ends up taking a risk to get back to the farms to eventually succeed more.

Writer and director, Dipendra Lama has well portrayed ‘Gopi’ by addressing the problems of farmers all across the country. Weaved in a typical storyline, the film is worth a watch and carries an intense and meaningful message for the viewers.

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