Published On: December 3, 2018 02:05 PM NPT By: Sonam Lama

Global Arts collaboration in Patan

Global Arts collaboration in Patan

KATHMANDU, Dec 3: Patan is well known for its rich architectural antiquity. The city has evolved as an intersection of art and culture. If you stroll around the locality, you may easily behold rich cultures and numerous traces of creativity adorned in the walls. For years, the walls of Patan have let the concept of art freely flourish. This idea has been much enhanced by Micro Galleries, a free global arts initiative that uses art as a vehicle to create positive changes. 

Around 57 artists from across the globe collaborated together this year in Kathmandu. They gathered with an initiative to make an artistic movement in different localities of Patan. Wall paintings, sketches, stickers, murals and installations designed by the artists are put on open displays. 

One of the local partner organization of the initiative, ‘Kaalo.101’ joined hands to create an open space, non-commercial, free and creative space to work, experiment, exhibit and discuss. “It is a great experience to be a part of an international project. Many young and experienced artists came together to contribute for a social change. As aimed by the project, it was more of a learning and exchanging process,” says one of the artists, Helena Asha Knox.

A few Nepali artists also have engraved their creativity empowering them as an artist. “The concept of the collaboration was ‘Empower’, which also could be observed in most of the arts,” says artist Rimishna Manandhar. “My art (The Secret Room) depicts the idea of Lakhe of Patan possessing human-like features and being familiar to the human society. As Lakhes are viewed with a sense of secrecy, the art portrayed the same.”

Sharing his experience, one of the artists, Aditya Aryal says, “Open art is a bit challenging in terms of the fact that there are people included in it. As we painted the walls of the locality, people grew keen and considerate until they actually figured out the idea behind the initiative.” 

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