Ashan Gurung

Published On: November 12, 2017 11:33 AM NPT By: Ashan Gurung

Full moon night

Full moon night

Wow so wonderful
I want my time to be freeze here
I want to see it again tomorrow 

After tomorrow 
And all day along but
If something happen again and again
If the goodness is only living
If badness doesn’t exist
If there is no sadness in life 

Then the happiness would lose its value
The goodness would be a normal thing
I think that’s the reason why 
The beautiful thing disappear after short period of time
It won’t exist long
So I want to enjoy every bit of this moonlight

Every moment of moonlight
But, this was the first time I feel alone
Although the moon was with me
My heart told me 
If someone will be with you,
You would feel the moonlight
Right now, you can just see it.

Oh! Moon light 
You make the moon so pretty 
You make the earth bright 
And I am jealous of you

You have many friends as star 
Who shine like you
But you can look at me 
I am all alone
I am feeling lonely

This feeling of emptiness
It’s killing me
But I won’t lose hope
I will shine like you

Back there you were the only one 
Who used to listen to my words, but now?
Well moonlight I will be waiting for you again
Next month, same time
I will be here at the
Same place looking at you
But this time I will feel
Your light.

full, moon, night,

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