Published On: August 30, 2018 09:43 AM NPT By: Sonam Lama

From Texas to Chulo Chauka

From Texas to Chulo Chauka

Reality struck him hard when 24-year-old Avineet Malla could not find a home away from home, in the US, in 2014. During his undergrad year at Texas Wesleyan University, he invested much of his time selling sunglasses at a mall in Texas. For someone who had barely bothered starting a conversation beyond his comfort zone, the persuasive marketing skills he possessed came to him as a surprise. However, one random day in August, the same year, he booked a ticket back home. 

“Returning home was a difficult choice. I had a lot of questions running in my head. But now, I am happy with the decision I made,” says Malla. 

Since his return, he never considered rejoining an American university for further education. “I think learning new things in life keeps you going, whether you do it by attending university or through the experiences of life,” says Malla. “Attending University required me to dedicate my time to a certain curriculum – mostly theoretical. However, I was well aware that I wanted practical experiences, which would enable me to take risks in life”.

Belonging to a family of theatre professionals, he garnered early inspiration from his parents. “Since I grew up watching my parents, it was expected of me to follow their footsteps. This feeling made me highly ambitious and urged me to start a venture of my own.”

2015 marked the beginning of his professional struggles. After acquiring barista training from Himalayan Java, he established ‘Turning Point’, a coffee shop at Sinamangal. It couldn’t sustain because of contract constraints. Until he could find a suitable space to reestablish his venture, he made sure not to lose patience and kept himself occupied with art and music. 

A musician and artist at heart, he stayed in close proximity of theatre and musical performances. “If it was not for music, theatre, and arts, I wonder where I would have landed,” avers Malla. However, because artists struggling and persevering long in the theater was not something out of the sight, he sought for reasons that could connect him permanently with theatre, without having to go through any sort of financial constraints. “I had explored various places, but the need to establish something of my own led me to explore entrepreneurial opportunities,” he added.

He finally found a breakthrough in 2016. He was able to find a space for his new establishment, ‘Chulo Chauka’. Without a tinge of doubt, he decided to take the challenge and defeat the diffident self in him. “Chulo Chauka has witnessed the change that has occurred in me, and I hope to deliver the similar vibes to the people visiting here – through a friendly ambiance, amazing set of delicacies or warm hospitality.” It feels good to share the familial responsibility and serve people. Because running any venture takes a divided share of responsibility, I look to create a healthy environment for my staffs through frequent interaction.” he added.

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