Published On: June 18, 2018 11:47 AM NPT By: Sonam Lama

From official to trendsetter

From official to trendsetter

Gahendra Rajbhandari, 39, is among a handful of innovators immune to the lethargy existing in the governmental offices. He made way into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an Officer in 2009. Under his initiative, he has so far introduced a myriad of effective policies that have contributed to improving the impression of the general public on government offices. He is deemed responsible for solving the documental issue within half an hour in the Department of Consular Services providing relief to Nepali migrants. 

In an interview with My City’s Sonam Lama, Rajbhandari talked about the experiences of his professional journey.

What inspired you to take the initiative to bring effective changes in the department of consular services?
After I joined the office in 2016 as the Director General at the Department of Consular Services, I came to realize the fact that our work mechanism was lengthy and time-consuming. In my first hour at the office, I remember seeing a mass of service seekers approaching me. It was then that I realized that such work system would not bring effective outcome. However, I tried looking at the positive picture and formed a committee to mitigate the barriers from the root level. With good teamwork and the will to seek a positive change, we eventually succeeded in introducing progressive regulations in the department.

What are the major policy changes that have occurred under your initiative?
The online application system has become one of the most progressive approaches. It introduced different templates of application, including requests to search and rescue people missing abroad, expedite the process to claim compensation, repatriate bodies of Nepali citizens killed abroad and transfer the power of attorney requests. We also ensure that the system is upgraded per the requirement, and collect feedbacks from every individual visiting the office through our suggestion and feedback forms.  I have also approached the people in the quest for honest feedback. It is gratifying to hear positive remarks. I believe we have shifted our priority from traditional paper works to online technologies.

What further possible hurdles lie in your path?
We have succeeded to establish the Department of Consular Services as one of the most active and effective governmental offices and have helped us earn credibility through our programs. However, the constant practice of document forgery is the leading issue that has grasped our attention. There are definitely many other progressive policies still await approval.  To establish efficiency, we hold meetings, and plan and pitch ideas to tackle possible challenges. Since the majority of the people own cell phones, we are planning to extend our services via mobile applications to reach a larger mass of service seekers. 

What advice do you wish to convey to the readers of My City?
As citizens of a country on a progressive path driven by traditional and pre-occupied mindset, it is crucial to understand that changes occur from different positions; even the tiniest of efforts matter to improve ethical qualities in the workplace. The responsibility of building the country lies on the shoulders of every citizen. Even so, most migrate abroad for better opportunities, despite numerous inconveniences. Meanwhile, they barely prefer carrying out the same work in their native country. I believe such mindset should change. As we progress further, we will require young and skilled human resources. To address the need, we need to prioritize on creating ample opportunities in our country.

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