Published On: January 23, 2019 04:00 PM NPT By: Sonam Lama

Five tips for healthy winter hair

Five tips for healthy winter hair

Winter not only makes your skin dry but also robs moisture from your hair. Yes! Chopping off your tresses could be an easier solution. But you need to run your efforts an extra mile when you are in love with them. As the rise in Kathmandu pollution is taking a toll on our usually long tresses, below are some simple tips you need to take care of for healthy winter hair.

Hydrate with hair-oil

Sticky hair may not be a style statement at work or any daylight event. But well-oiled hair is certainly an ideal solution for hydrating your hair. Massaging your scalp from time-to-time equals to getting your tresses more luscious and softer than ever before. Pick any oil that you would want and make sure to explore the one which suits your hair quality to the best.

Drink enough water

As health experts recommend, two liters of waters a day also keeps dryness away. And that’s untrue unless you apply it! Drinking water not only comes with an unending list of skin and health benefits. It also treats and nourishes your locks in ways it wants to be treated.

Wash off with lukewarm water

Washing hair in winters with cold water could be a chilly experience. This could lead many to opt for hot showers. Hot water will end up making your hair dry which then is likely to get easily tangled.  And when washing with cold water could be the less-sought option, you could feel much relieved washing rather with lukewarm water.

Brush everyday and when dry

Like a daily brushing teeth routine, brushing hair everyday is a must. This practice circulates the blood in your scalp leading to stronger hair roots. Although every morning we are in a haste to rush to works, brushing your hair when it is dry could save every after-efforts that you put after it is damaged.

Trim on weekly basis

Be it in buns or plaits, letting your hair loose or tying in a pony, split ends can spoil any styles that you pick. The quick fix of gaining hair volume is to get rid of the split ends. While the roots of the hair get nourished by oil massages, the tips can preserve moisture by letting go off the split ends. You may hardly need a salon for that. So, go grab your scissors!


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