Published On: June 11, 2019 12:36 PM NPT By: Aditya Neupane

Five things about Sabin Rai (with video)

Five things about Sabin Rai (with video)

The musical journey from his first song ‘Ekai Aakash Muni’ to ‘Dhanyabaad’, his latest album, has established Sabin Rai as one of the celebrated Nepali singers and song writers. Rai who is often known as the Nepali Bryan Adams, is currently busy recording his up-coming album ‘Dhanyabaad’, which is the first album for the band Sabin Rai & The Pharaoh.

My City’s Aditya Neupane caught up with Rai to talk about the five things that many not know about him.

Collects underwear for laundry:

Rai doesn’t like to wash underwear and collects underwear before washing. He collects underwear for 20 to 30 days and washes them all in a single day.

Nail biter:

Since his childhood, Rai always bit his nails. This unusual habit made his nail look grudge. “One day my nephew saw my dirty nails and polished all ten nails, preventing me to bite it for few weeks. But later I started biting them again and I had to buy an anti -nail-biting polish to get rid of this habit.” Rai hasn’t bit his nail for two years and now his nails are fine.


Rai is scared of height. Speaking about his creepiest memory, Rai expressed, “Two years back I was in Melbourne for a concert and one of my friends placed me in a dark box for an adventurous game ‘Skydeck’. The box gradually sided out from the terrace and the box went transparent.” It was the tallest building of Melbourne, which made me so scared that I got a panic attack.”

Avid gamer:

Rai is fond of electronic gaming. He loves to engage in action games, diverting himself from the real world. “Gaming is the perfect way to rejuvenate my mind from hectic schedules. It helps me to get out from my monotonous musical life.” Rai loves to play battle ground games.

Not aware of sightedness:

Rai was not aware why he had a blurry vision? “When I realized my vision is blurry I had no idea what I was going through, I couldn’t even read.” Now Rai has a normal vision and can read properly “But once I started using reading glass, I got to know how beautiful the world is,” he added.

Watch Sabin Rai get up close and personal with Abhishek S Mishra on Radio Nagarik's 'The Rock Show.'

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