Published On: November 18, 2019 03:26 PM NPT By: Kiran Lama

Five Things about Naren Limbu

Five Things about Naren Limbu

Be it his old song ‘Harpal’ or the latest number ‘Vanna Audaina’, whenever Naren Limbu has released the song, it has always created a buzz in Nepali music realm. Naren stepped into music scenario in 2003, along with Sudip Gurung and formed the band ‘Aastha’. Moreover, the numbers comprised of the album including ‘Harpal’, ‘Ek Mauka’ were a big hit of that time. However, Sudip left the band to pursue higher education in Australia. Nevertheless, Naren decided to continue his solo music career, and he never had to look back. Besides, creating music, he is into music video direction. He has directed all his music videos himself. Lately, he also tried his hands on the silver screen, being a debutant director and actor for the movie ‘Aastha’.

In conversation with My City’s Kiran Lama, Naren revealed five things that many may not know about him.



While the majority of men hesitate to do chores in a misogynistic society like Nepal, singer Naren Limbu is fond of the home environment and household activities. He washes his clothes and dishes and is fond of preparing a meal at home. “Not only cooking food and washing clothes, but I also clean the floors myself,” he shares.

Futsal aficionado


Despite his busy schedule, Naren allocates his time to play futsal. “I don’t follow any particular team, but I am interested in football. I play futsal, five days a week,” he says.

Movie buff

“Since I’ve interest in filmmaking, I watch movies a lot,” shares Naren.  “In my leisure period, I watched three to four movies in a day.”  He says he adores watching a movie based on real events.  He rarely watches Nepali movies, but recently he watched Gaurav Pahadi and Menuka Pradhan starred movie ‘Saili’.

Recording process bores him


Many of us know that Naren is a multi-talented guy who is a composer, lyricist, and director of his music videos. However, few people know that he gets bored while recording a song.  “I don’t know why I get bored while recording songs.”

Never wrote a song in notebook

Songwriters generally note down while writing a song.  But in the case of Naren, he has never written a song in a notebook.  “I always keep lines in mind, and while composing the song, I add those words,” he shares.










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