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Five things about Mallika Karki

Five things about Mallika Karki

Mallika Karki is one of the famous singers of the country. Originally from a remote village in Morang, she made this far despite a limited opportunity. She has done duet with several national and international artist including Udit Narayan Jha, Kumar Sanu, Ramkrishna Dhakal and Kumar Kancha. She started her singing career in 2064 BS with the duo song with Udit Narayan Jha titled ‘Laaj ko Lali’.  She is known for her hits like ‘Yeti Dherai Manche Haru Ko Bhid Maa’, ‘Timile Nasamjhida Maya’, Aakhai Ma Rakhu Ki’ and ‘Kasari Kasari Aayou’. Her melodious voice entitled her to prestigious awards like Kalika Music Award, Sagarmatha Music Award, Music Khabar Music Award and Bindabasini Music Award.

My City’s Aditya Neupane interacted with Karki to know five interesting lesser known facts about her that many might not know.

Obsessed with flowers:

Karki is fond of gardening and loves taking care of flowers. She thinks flower are the perfect thing to decorate house.  Her garden is flooded with various colorful flowers. Every day she is involved in an hour of gardening. Though she has various breeds of flower, rose is her favorite one. She stated that spending time with colorful flowers is the best feeling for her.

Avid traveler:

Karki is an avid traveler. Instead of traveling to materialistic world, she loves to explore the lifestyle of remote areas of the country. She states that there are numerous things to explore in the country. ‘Visit to Lukla’ is on the top of her bucket list. When asked why she wants to visit the place, she replied, “Most of my friends have been to that place and I praise a lot about it. So I am really desperate to visit the place.” She further stated that she loves to travel in far flung areas and try to learn about the lifestyle, culture and traditions of that area.

Social worker:

Karki has deep feelings for senior citizens and children. She never leaves chance to make them feel good. Her album ‘Mallika’ and ‘Mausam’ were also released in old age home and orphanage respectively. She stated that spending time with senior citizens and children gives her peaceful feeling, motivating her to better activities.

Fond of cooking:

“I am not obsessed with foods and can eat anything. But I love cooking food. Serving cuisines to other members of the family makes me feel good,” said Karki. Karki likes being happy on others’ happiness and can’t stop herself from helping people in kitchen. Her favorite cuisine is typical Nepali platter.

Dog lover:

Karki spends most of her time with her pet dog ‘Bruno’. She thinks animals are the bridge to the heaven and taking care of them gives her the best feeling. Not just dogs, she is also obsessed with all kind of animals. She shared a memorable incident with dog, “One day, when I tried cuddling with my friend’s puppy, it bit me. But latter it recognized me and we started playing.”


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