Published On: November 4, 2019 09:00 PM NPT By: Kiran Lama

Five Things about Deeya Maskey

Five Things about Deeya Maskey

Deeya Maskey is one of the prominent Nepali actresses showcasing her knack of acting over a decade now. Debuting into Nepali silver screen from Bhusan Dahal’s directorial ‘Kagbeni’, she has worked in several movies including ‘Saanghuro’, ‘Soongava’, ‘Fitkiri’ among others.

However, earlier she was pursuing her career in dancing but switched it in the acting realm as she met Anup Baral. Moreover, she is also a judge of Himalayan Roadies for consecutive three seasons. 


In conversation with My City’s Kiran Lama, Deeya revealed five things that many may not know about her.


Emotional Queen 


You have seen Deeya Maskey as bold and strict person especially being a judge on a reality show Himalayan Roadies. However, in real life, she is a very emotional person. According to Deeya, she usually is touched by emotional scenes, while watching a movie. “Even yesterday, I cried during watching a movie,” she adds.


Stray dog lover



Deeya is a dog lover, but she has more affection for stray dogs. “I prefer adopting stray dogs. We’ve adopted many stray dogs who now live with us,” she informs.


Fantastic Chef



One of the intriguing things about Deeya is that she cooks food and it is a scrumptious one. According to her, everyone especially her husband—Anup Baral is a fan of her cooking skill. “People are often surprised and ask if I too cook food,” she shares. “I usually cook traditional cuisines: dal, bhaat!


Early bird



Be it waking up early in the morning or arriving at shooting, Deeya is always punctual. She says she sets a time table for every activity. “I’m a disciplined person and I do everything according to my plan. Especially in shooting, I usually am the first one to arrive at the shooting spot,” she shares. As she is an early bird, she hardly goes to a late-night party. “I’m not a fan of nightlife.”


Still couldn’t fold clothes properly


She can act effortlessly and dance naturally, who can also cook delicious food. But one thing she still can’t do is — folds clothes properly. It is a daunting task for her and she adds, “I couldn’t fold clothes properly. So, my mother and husband always help me in packing bag,” she says.








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