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Five summer essentials for your next beach holiday

Five summer essentials for your next beach holiday

Packing for a holiday should never feel like a chore. Especially, when you’re jet-setting to white beaches or planning your next outfit for a beach sundowner. You don't want to pack extra nor do you want to pack less. Packing the right number of things, especially for your skin and body to ensure it stays hydrated and moisturized becomes imminent.

Here a few things to carry as part of your essentials for your next beach holiday –

1. Waterproof Bag – As much as being around water is magnificent, the fear of having your belongings soaking might keep you away. You may not want to sit far away from the water just to protect your belongings and miss out on most of the fun at the beach. A multi-functional waterproof bag can be your perfect companion. You can use them to store your gadgets and other valuables or for wet swimsuits post your morning dip.

2. Swimsuit cover-up for that ‘beach to brunch look– Sport on your swimsuit or your bikini for a stylish dip. Swimsuits are basic while going to any beach but carry and wear a cover-up, add that extra charm, and turn your outfit from sporty swimwear to a brunch or dinner outfit. Pick a flattering and colorful cover-up to add oomph to your outfit and transform your look.

3. Water bottle – Hydration, the most important aspect when you’re out in the heat. Water is a necessity and one we can afford to forget while we’re out baking in the summer sun. Taking with you a good water bottle will help you stay hydrated even when you are middle of nowhere. A stainless-steel insulated water bottle can be a perfect idea as these bottles are meant to keep the beverages at your desired temperature.

4. Body Wash – All that sand and seawater often leaves a lingering smell and becomes difficult to wash off. The refreshing gel can cleanse your body gently and effectively while being easy to carry. Be it a quick shower outside a shack or a luxurious bath at home post the day’s activities, a body wash will leave your skin feeling soft and happy.

5. Sunscreen – A major red flag is burnt skin. For a beach-in-a-bottle vibe, pack a hydrating non-oily and non-patchy formula which will keep your skin protected and your holiday smooth sailing.

Lazing around on a beach chair with the wind in your hair and the beautiful melody waves crashing on the shore whilst you browse through a magazine is the ultimate vacation dream. These essentials on your checklist will definitely make your trip much more enjoyable! Get ready and go enjoy that sun!

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