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Five myths that you must know before buying a pup (with video)

It’s not good to instinctively own a dog and be a dog owner. Buying a pet is a big responsibility and there are numerous things that should be considered beforehand. As dogs’ biological system is not similar to that of humans. They need comprehensive care. It’s good to take care of dogs, but some dog owners unknowingly seem to follow the false instructions which can result in severe health hazards to dogs.

Humans and dogs share a unique cordial relation and in the Nepali society they are considered as a guard of heaven. Not just that, various traditions related to dogs are celebrated all across the country enhancing human-canine relationship. However, this strong and unique believe has given birth to numerous myths that can harm the canines.

Here, Dr Sharad Singh Yadav, veterinarian and chairperson of Advanced Pet Hospital shared five common myths associated with dogs.

Dry nose indicates sickness:

Dryness of dogs’ nose depends on their breed and temperature. Dryness of nose only cannot be considered as the sign of sickness. Some people unnecessarily worry to this symptom. But it’s better to consult a veterinarian and find out the reason behind it.

Heals would by licking:

Across generations there is a belief that dogs have supernatural powers to heal their wound by licking it. However, dogs’ saliva contains harmful germs, which can cause infection only to worsen the wound.

Must whelp once before being spayed:

There is a strong belief in Nepali society that “a dog should give birth once before being spayed.” However, science has no relation to this statement. It’s better to spay a dog at the age of six-nine months. This process doesn’t have any physical and mental stress on dogs. Instead, it helps in controlling the dog’s population.

Dogs eat grass to clean stomach:

This is a myth that exists all across the globe. But as dogs are canine animals, feeding on grass can bring them serious health problems.

Salt is not good for dog:

Most of the people believe that salt is not good for dogs and can cause problems like hair fall. Just like humans, dogs need salt for their physical and mental growth. However, concentration of salt must be slightly lesser. Feeding moderated and regulated amount of salt will not harm dogs’ health but deficiency of salt can cause serious problem instead.  



Tips to maintain dog health 

Everyone wants to keep their own snuggly canine at home but owning a pet is a huge responsibility. Feeding and taking them for a walk is not enough they need comprehensive care and there are various things that we need to consider before buying this lovely creature. Some of tips to maintain dog health are down below:

1 Do not over bath:

Just like humans, dogs need a proper hygiene but giving them frequent bath can make the things worst. Dogs are sensitive to water and chemicals so; pet shampoo should be used to clean them. According to vet doctors, more than 70 percent of skin problems among pet dogs are caused by over bathing so, it’s always better to maintain at least a month or 14 days gap for wash.

2 Maintain proper diet:

Most of the people think that we can feed human food to dogs. However, dogs’ digestive system is different from ours and they need different kind of diet. Dogs’ feed should contain various elements like carbohydrate, minerals, protein and fibers. But the foods we eat do not contain proper composition of these elements so it’s always better to feed them a commercial dog food. If it’s hard to manage dog food then you can feed them a normal food with proper composition along with the extra supplements.

3 Regular vaccinations:

As dogs play very important role in our lives, we owe them the best care that we can give. You must make sure that they are vaccinated before owning them because this will protect them from various diseases and infections. If any unvaccinated dog caught disease then it’s really hard to save them.






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