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Five monsoon essentials to keep your bag organized and be prepared for the unknown situation

Five monsoon essentials to keep your bag organized and be prepared for the unknown situation

The monsoons are finally here and the bounteous rains are being welcomed with open hearts. It means that there is lots of rain, muddy puddles, constant switches of the weather and an unorganized bag. Here are a few things that you may want to put in your bag to stay the best version of yourself, even in these unpredictable seasons.

Insect repellent

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When the monsoon season starts, it is also the perfect time for mosquitos to come out. So, carrying a mosquito repellent, or even an insect repellent in your bag may be handy for you. You may be able to prevent many itches and bites, that are annoying and cause u distress


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It's the monsoon season, of course, you need an umbrella! But, many people forget this and end up getting rained on and eventually perhaps catching a cold. Carry a small umbrella for yourself, something that doesn't take much space in your bag, and keep it in there until the season ends. 

Hand sanitizer

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The monsoon season carries many infections, so having a hand sanitizer is better for your hygiene and health. Squeeze some out before eating, regularly during the day and you don't have to go to the washroom all the time. 

Waterproof cover for your bag

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Not everybody has a waterproof bag, and not everyone likes waterproof bags. But, there are very important things in our bags such as money, books, phones that need to be avoided. So carrying a waterproof cover for your bag is totally a life savior.

Perfume/deodorant/body spray

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Carrying a body spray or such may be quite handy, as the rain can make you smell a little bit stale. You may feel sticky, a little gross and sweaty so having a nice smelling item may be a little mandatory for you. 


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