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Five exercises for trek health

Five exercises for trek health


Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, you need to be physically fit for any kind of trek. It is not just high-altitude treks that need physical resilience, but even the simplest trails should never be underestimated. Here are five basic exercises to get your body in shape for a trek.


The basis for any activity to keep you fit, running is a full body workout that improves your wellbeing overall. It is an excellent cardio exercise that boosts your capacity for hiking. It also strengthens your muscles, endurance, and stamina.


Squats target your legs, which are the most essential for any trek, to keep you going. Perform a mix of different kinds of squats such as traditional, lateral, sumo, plies, etc. It lowers risks to the heart and improves blood pressure and blood sugar levels.


Lunges are one of the best exercises for strengthening the quad muscles. Mixing forward lunges with backward lunges is an unbeatable combination to give super strength to your leg muscles. It develops your overall vitality and improves your balance.

Leg lifts

Leg lifts help stretch the leg muscles and improve flexibility and balance. It also boosts bone density, enabling your legs to become more capacitative towards the extra stress of prolonged walking. It builds up the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and hips.

Climbing stairs

One of the easiest exercises for beginners is climbing stairs. It increases endurance and builds overall muscles throughout the legs. It boosts cardiovascular health and is said to burn more calories than jogging.

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