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Five annoying fashion chat with Nepali parents

Five annoying fashion chat with Nepali parents


Nepali parents are the know-all experts when it comes to preaching their children with annoying conversation. And asking them for gears is like enrolling yourself in an unending debate. Some of the common Nepali fashion chats are talked below:

1. Asking to use surplus cloths:

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No matter how classy or standard you are, most of the parents will ask you to use an elderly member's already used cloths . When asked for the new cloth, they will reply “Use some cloths of your seniors in the family (“dai/ didi ko luga sano vayeko cha, tei lagaau).” Sometimes the conversation gets weird when they ask you to use sister’s cloths to brother or vice-versa.

2. Forcing to buy bigger cloths:

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If you are out shopping with your parents then you might have experienced an awkward situation where they ask you to buy bigger cloths. They start preaching their children that tight clothes shall get smaller as they grow quicker. Most of the parents try to convince their children to get bigger clothes.  If not, moms get the clothes at their own risks and find out later that it is actually the father’s fit.

3. Refusing to buy grunge pants:

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Have you ever asked your parents to buy you grunge pants? If yes, did they agree easily? For most of you the answers could be 'No' because it takes lot of time and effort to convince our parents to add grunge clothes in the wardrobe.

“Why to waste time in such useless cloth? What is so cool about wearing such torn pants? (kina yesto bhwang pareko luga ma tetro paisa kharcha garnu),” This is the first and the most common answer that most of the parents reply when you ask for grunge clothes.

4. Holding till festivals:

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“We will buy it for this Dashain”. We all are familiar with this statement since it is the most common promise that your parents make with every shopping requests. Even it’s very urgent they will ask you to wait till festive season arrives. The conversation gets frustrating when they start to compare the situation with their childhood. “We had to wait long for festivals to get a single pair of gear during our childhood.”

5. Asking to wear old school dress:

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When you complete your school or college studies, then you don’t use school dress in rest of the world while at your own house. Your parents will make you  fully utilize the school uniforms at home. If you refuse to wear those dress they will play ridiculous games of emotional blackmail saying, “If it was our childhood, we would wear them with great deal of passion but it’s hard to fulfill the demand of today’s children (hamro palaa ma yo luga vayeko vaye ramaera lauthyau hola. aaile ko bachha haru lai palnai garo).”

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