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Published On: April 13, 2019 11:05 AM NPT By: Prallabi Lohani

First steps to success

First steps to success

The Great Winston Churchill once said that "Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." Success is something that every person wants to gain in his/her life. Being successful is probably the dream of each of you reading this article. In order to achieve the success a person is working out to be, he/she has to start from the very beginning, just like in the number system we start with the number ‘1’. In my opinion,  Success is not a phenomenon, it is a procedure. To achieve and accomplish any significant aspiration, a person must first begin.  The achievement journey is the procedure of going past each pace to appear at the next one, with each pace leading and prompting you to hold on without falling down.  “100” might seem far off from the point-of-viewing “1” but once you master “1” you will see “100” shining out on the skyline. The starting of any operation is the most significant. Let’s start with “1”

1. Be less satisfied and more aware: Don’t ever be satisfied with what you have. Always grow and expand your position and also your own self as a person, not just in the form of success. To reach up to the level of your goal, you are conscious of the alternatives you choose in each pace that lead you towards and also away from the success you dream of so that you can start to decide and choose the alternatives that fall in line with the direction of your dreams for tomorrow.

 2. Get into action: In order to achieve you have to start with your first pace. You need to figure out what you need to do in order to get to the goal you have set. If you cannot figure out, plan it out yourself. Take the initiative on your own... In case you aren’t able to find the key for the door of success, make the key yourself by taking actions to persuade your dreams. When you are intense for persuading your dreams and achieving your goals nothing and nobody can stand in the path of you gaining it. As soon as you make yourself active into motion all paces taken are presents because each of your steps whether correct or incorrect will help you gain knowledge and direction.

 3. Do not multitask: According to recent studies, it is found out that multitasking is literally impossible for a person to perform in his/her life. In student’s life or business life, multitasking should never be attempted.  It is sen that multitasking is both physically and mentally impossible.  You need to trace each and every action that leads you to the area where you want to achieve, whether it is related to financial, health, dream career or even relationships. Track every action that pertains to an area where you want to see progress, whether it relates to finances, health, career, or relationships. But if you want to achieve success start with anyone and continue o0ne at a time with others after it ends. This will lead you to success as involving in multiple sectors will make your determination and concentration weak.

4. Ask questions in case you don't understand: In case of both students and entrepreneurs, while learning or gaining knowledge related to the matter we are emphasizing on, if you don’t understand anything that you’re learning then you shouldn’t hesitate to ask him/ her questions about what you’re stuck up on.  You're there to learn, so don't hesitate to ask just that! Asking for cooperation - from an instructor, a tutor or your colleagues- is a reliable path to ensure you understand the lesson or material.

5. Grab accomplishment:  Be perpetrated. If not, be compatible. Be ensured that your aspiration, words, and deeds are concentrated on accomplishing your goal. Be innovative. Imagine all the outcomes you’ve dreamed for at all times. Get to know about the people in the sector you admire. Get involved in reading their books, attending their seminars and even try to contact the people who you dream of in person, if possible. These personalities and the knowledge they have are the presents to your personal growth.

Following these steps you can achieve better in life. You can achieve what you have aimed for without any burdens getting into your way.

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