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January 9, 2019

First look of ‘Ranveer’ released

First look of ‘Ranveer’ released

First look of upcoming movie ‘Ranveer’ is out. The film starrers actors including Sushil Sitaula, Subeksha Khadka, Supushpa Bhatta, Prashant Tamrakar on leading roles. The movie will be Former Miss International Nepal 2012, Subeksha Khadka’s debut movie introducing herself as a debut actor into Nepali movie industry.

According to production team, poster of the movie is inspired by the theme of the film’s script. The actors had gone through many transformations in order to justify their characters in the film. Sushil who is to be seen as one of the lead actors, had to work out for six months to justify the character of Ranveer.  

A blend of romance and action genre, the movie is directed by Govind Singh Bhandari. Likewise, Goma Bista Thapa and Dipendra Regmi have jointly produced the movie.

 According to Regmi, Ranveer is a youth-centric film which portrays the relationship of love, romance and friendship between the characters. 

The movie is set to hit the screens on February 1, 2019.

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