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Published On: October 17, 2019 05:07 PM NPT By: Republica

Find the right time for yourself

Find the right time for yourself

Dear Sadichha,
I am a 22-year-old guy recently graduated from one of the reputed educational institutions. I am fond of graphic designing, but my parents are not happy with it. Since there not many advanced courses in graphic designing in Nepal, I have decided to take special courses abroad. However, my parents want me to study something that would secure my career and future in the long run. What should I do?

It is great that you want to pursue your career in graphic designing and looking to do advanced courses. I feel like your parents are saying that to you because they don’t really understand what you are doing, as with many parents when it comes to technology or these new areas of work. Why don’t you sit down with your parents and explain to them what exactly is graphic designing, the scope that it has in today’s day and age? From what I know, almost every business these days require graphic designing or graphic designers. So I feel like, if you sit down with your parents and just take some time out to explain to them about the work that a graphic designer does and maybe even the money you can make, I think they would believe that you do have a secured career and future. And it is a plus point that it is your passion.


Dear Sadichha,
I am a 19-year-old girl currently studying in +2 level. Since I have come from my home town to pursue my studies here, it was necessary for me to find a room to stay. I along with four of my friends decided to stay together and shared a flat five months earlier. Everything was going easy but then we slowly started having problems with each others’ habits that we were not used to. We have tried to mend this problem but it seems to be increasing with time. Our final exam is appearing and I want to change my stay but it is not possible to find any other place to stay in such a short period of time. I don’t want this to affect my studies in any way. Could you help me out with this matter?

For now, I would suggest that all of the focus should be on your final exam. Like you rightly mentioned this is a very short time for you to move to a different place and settle before your exam starts. For now, adjust, compromise, make sure it is your studying and preparation for your exams that is of the utmost priority.  You don’t need to take unnecessary stress at this moment. Final exams are already stressful enough.  You can sort this out after the exams are over. If all of you are taking up the same subjects then maybe during this time, you can even help each other in the various areas that you are weak. Once you are done with your exams, all if you will be in a calmer mood and can then discuss the problems that each of you are facing. It is only natural to have some problems when so many people are together, but as adults, you also need to find a balance and each one of you should remember that not everything happens or needs to happen your way. Learn to find a point where you can all come and agree. Set house rules and follow them.

Dear Sadichha,
I am a 35-year-old male and I have completed my Masters in English. I am a teacher and earning enough to take care of my needs. When I first started off with this profession, I had thought it would last for a year or so and then I would go to the US for the doctorate. But although many years have passed, I have not been able to join courses or even quit my job. Now I have grown older and I think that studies don’t stand any meaning. I am confused about whether to quit and study doctorate or continue teaching. Please suggest to me.

I will not be able to tell you here, what to do, when I answer these questions I simply give my perspective but you will have to take that action. You are 35; you have experience and have seen how things work here. Studies and degrees do add value, but they also do so when done at the right time. You need to find that right time for yourself. If you are enjoying your professional life here then you can find ways to do your Doctorate here in Nepal itself. However, if you are not enjoying what you are doing, then maybe taking a break and going to the US for your further degree would be the right thing to do.



Find, right, time, yourself,

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