Published On: May 23, 2022 06:22 PM NPT By: Samiksha Shrestha

Feelings about myself

Feelings about myself
The happy place where I belong, 
It does not feel the same, and  now it will never make me strong,
The home is not the old home any more,
Where we sang songs, played and laughed even on the empty floor,
Now the place has every amenities,
Yet, it failed to address my necessity,
The want for same old love of my family,
Today, my life has just turned into the calamity,
I know the world is dynamic and  things change,
But it has been  too hard for me to cope up with  and manage,
All this big steps and decisions have been bestowed upon me, 
I no longer feel safe and free,
With the huge  burden and attaining maturity,
The coldness of responsibility has obliged me to remain quite,
Be silent despite all the pain and riot,
I'm here sitting in chaos wondering about my future,
The time passes by but my disturbing mind has no cure,
I'm concerned about myself,
But  lying pale and dull and daydreaming that I am just a fairytale's elf.
The supernatural creature, who has nothing to do with this real world,
'Cause I don't feel belongingness here,
I don't have any recognition, all I can get is being hurled.

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