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Published On: November 4, 2017 08:26 AM NPT By: Nasana Bajracharya

Fault in my stars

Fault in my stars

I wished upon a shooting star for you to be mine
You went light years away from me in no time
I dropped a coin in wishing well with your name
But you chose my name to drop all the blame
I blew on a dandelion for you to stay with me
Yet you went in search of your life without me
I got the bigger part of the wishing bone
However I couldn’t be your number one
I locked our names in a lock
But when you chose her, I ran out of luck
I made you a part of my wishes every 11:11
Yet we couldn’t be together, not now, not then
I wrote our names on a tree bark
Years later, you are now only a flashback
I also wished on my eyelashes that fell
But you became a story I could never tell.

fault in my stars,

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