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Published On: December 4, 2018 10:13 AM NPT By: Republica

Fashion, The beauty of life

KATHMANDU, Dec 4: Be it summer or winter, clothes bring fashion into life. Some dress up to look stylish while others are attired to look gentle. They consciously or subconsciously mould themselves to the changing fashion world and hereby strongly support it. Fashion is a lifestyle. Once Marc Jacobs said, “Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.”

When it comes to fashion, international brands inadvertently strike our minds. Irrespective of that, some clothing brands have equally ruled people’s hearts since their inception. Despite their product’s popularity, local clothing companies have their own story to tell. Here are their stories behind the initiation of their brand:


‘Bora’, generally referred to as ‘Jute’ in English can be recycled and reused again. It is a good supporter of the environment. Being a biodegradable fiber, it lessens the demand for plastic and also contributes in controlling the lethal environment pollution.   

Meenu Gurung, founder of Bora Studio Nepal, envisioned on protecting the environment. As a result, she established a company, fully supportive to the environment by producing biodegradable goods. She shared, “The world of plastic products, I just wanted to introduce a change in the ongoing trends by bringing out goods that support and promote the environment.” Further adding on the goods’ special quality, she assured that all the products produced by the company are bio-degradable.

However, lack of workforce is her biggest complaint. “Since the inception of the company, there have been many changes in the number of laborers. The workers come, work and leave after some time. This has been a distinct pattern when it comes to the laborers,” she adds. According to her, had the company held back to the same set of workers since the start; the company would have been better than what it is today.

Despite the challenges, Gurung is hopeful that she will establish a textile industry and create awareness on far-flung areas about the importance of jute and preservation of environment. 


Wearing jeans is an evergreen fashion as it works out for every season and almost every situation. Whether it’s a hot day or a cold one, wearing a pair of jeans pant or shirt never ceases to convey the meaning of fashion. The jeans products have moved on to being a lifestyle; one that almost every people are seen with. Be it a family gathering or a casual walk, jeans syncs in with every occasion. 

Fundamentally, the name ‘jeans’ enlightens us about famous brands like Levi’s, Diesel, Wrangler and so on. But we are unaware about local branded products of the same pedigree. The co-founder of Greasy Laundry, Bikrant Shrestha, is an optimist envisioning the production of jean items in Nepal. As asked the story behind the initiation of the company, he replied that the love for denim and jeans made him initiate this brand. “Denim and jeans are awesome. There is nothing we can hate about the product,” he adds. According to him, the main reason to establish the company is to make people understand denim and its awesome quality.

Because the company is in its initial stage, Shrestha hasn’t yet summed up to labeling any challenges as for now. Explaining more, he adds, “We are a start-up and everything that’s hard to achieve is an obstacle for us.” 

The main goal of Shrestha is to export his products all over the world. He further elaborates, “In a world of western jeans products, we try to create the best.”

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